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Jackin' the Frost

Jackin’ the Frost – 12/17/10

تصنيف الفوركس It seems the Abominable Cyber-Yetti Boogie is attempting to jack our frost! In order to stop him from stealing our frost we must put our Phasers on bass, and annihilate him with our dance moves.

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Beatsgiving – 11/27/10 سوق الاسهم السعوديه اليوم Gobble gobble, wobble wobble…. Come out and give thanks to the bass! This night will feature 18 djs, our famous go gos, a live painting installation, crowd interactive video mixing, and the most amazing lazer & light show in Wichita.

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Brainfreeze – 8/20/10

دراهم الاسهم الاماراتية With the heat comes sweat, so why not sweat with the best! This night will have 2 stages, 14 djs, go go girls, and many many surprises. Come beat the heat with these nice tasty beats!

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Shape Up

Shape Up – 7/30/10

استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية 60 ثانية Flex your pecks and boost those glutes! This night will host 7 dj’s, gogo girls and video mixing on 3 projectors! Not to mention the standard E.C. workouts you have come to love.

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Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem – 5/29/10

forex trading companies in lagos This night will prove to be both eclectic and electric! As usual the night will be packed with a wide variety stimulation, both physically and mentally.

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Oldtown Invasion

Oldtown Invasion – 5/7/10

أربح أموال إضافية من المنزل Summertime is here! The First Friday Music Celebration will be in full swing on May 7th! الاسهم مباشر
Fabrick II

Fabrick II – 5/6/10 سوق الاسهم السعودي هوامير The calming breeze of summer brings with it a true night of adventure. May’s installment of Fabrick will feature an eclectic mix of electronic music unparalleled before within the city limits of the sleepy Air Capital. forex trading online demo account
Nice Try

Nice Try – 4/17/10

الدولار اذا ارتفع ارتفع معه سعر الذهب The mist of Spring brings with it an abnormal amount of energy. Come bask in the radiance of light, while drinking from the goblet of truth. Let your third eye guide you into the tunnel of awareness.

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Fabrick I

Fabrick I – 4/1/10 فوركس تجريبي A truly vivid experience of sight and sound. Accompanied with silhouetted dancers, and intriguing theatrics to keep the senses aroused.

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